This Xbox Live House Party Feels Familiar

Beyond Good & Evil HD

Zelda fans, pay attention

It’s been a few months since the last Xbox Live Arcade promotion, but that all changes next week when the Xbox Live House Party attaches itself to your digital dollars. One way to sum the (admittedly great) lineup would be to describe it as: New Contra, your Mom’s favorite game, an HD remake of a game you should be embarrassed that you missed, Diablo-lite comes to consoles, and Avatar Poker. That could be condescending, but it’s also an accurate description of who/why you should play these games. Check out the official release dates and prices below:

Feb 16 – Hard Corps: Uprising – 1200 Microsoft Points
Feb 23 – Bejeweled Blitz – 800 Microsoft Points
Mar 2 – Beyond Good & Evil HD – 800 Microsoft Points
Mar 9 – Torchlight – 1200 Microsoft Points
Mar 16 – Full House Poker – 800 Microsoft Points

We’ve talked recently about Hard Corps: Uprising. I’m mostly curious to see how the console conversion goes for Torchlight as it is one of my favorite budget titles on the PC, and this style of dungeon crawler hasn’t been readily available on consoles. Not to mention, Beyond Good & Evil is one of the most underrated games of last generation’s consoles and $10 is an amazing price for that one. And, oh ya, poker.


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  1. Colefacekilla

    Full House poker would be way more intriguing if the cast of Full House were characters you could choose from.

  2. colefacekilla

    this XBLA event makes house party feel like house party 2, or house party 3

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