Hey! Play! Tasty Planet

That blob doesn't respect you or your personal property

There’s nothing quite like an underdog story, and in a strange sort of way that’s what Tasty Planet basically is. Starting out as a tiny little blob the size of a microbe, you consume the little things around you and increase in size, further expanding your potential for consumption. The mechanic is a bit like Beautiful Katamari only much simpler. Your hunger eventually leads you to larger meals, such as rats, cats and guys riding horses, finally culminating in a buffet featuring everything outer space has to offer.

Tasty Planet isn’t a very deep game, but it is fun and worth a look if you need to kill some time throughout the day. There’s just something very satisfying about playing the role of an over eating blob. Based on that, I kind of understand where Golden Corral’s demographic is coming from.


Tasty Planet on Armor Games

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  1. Wizardtrain187

    You’re the second person to make that connection. I will be downloading that game when I get the time and see how they compare although I think The Maw is probably a bit deeper.

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