WTF Is This: A Rez Controller for Your Panda

We have to admire the Japanese for their lack of censorship and abundance of creativity, but I really would’ve liked to have been in on the creative discussion for accessories to hear how they came up with this nifty device.  Even if their intentions were pure, our great society managed to find a way to spin this accessory to enhance more than just gameplay. Ok, for real, no one really had to try that hard.

Enhance your… game

Rez Trance Vibrator The Rez Trance Vibrator is an accessory for the classic game Rez. It was meant to simply enhance your experience of this rail shooter by allowing you to feel the music that is created as you target and destroy your enemies throughout the game. Stick it in your pocket, sit on it, or just lay it on your lap and it does the rest. But, “pop it on your panda” and you’ll enhance more than than your gameplay.

Read the fine print

They’re pretty rare since they were never released in the states, but they’re still out there if you know where to look. If you can find one, it’s going to cost you anywhere from $40 – $60 new. It’s not really a good time to be cheap, but you can save yourself about $10 if you don’t mind a used one. Be sure to pay attention to the quality notes on that one.

Play with your friends

If you don’t have a copy of Rez for PS2 or Dreamcast you’re in luck! This game was remastered in HD and can be downloaded through the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 Points. I know what you’re thinking. I’d love to have it in HD but is there an adapter so that my vibrator can work with my 360? No need! Rez HD has support for up to 3 additional 360 controllers that can use the “trance vibration functionality” so you can entertain you’re friends while you’re glued to your tv. Vibrator or no, it really is a fun game that I recommend checking it out.


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  1. Justin Shimp

    I love REZ. I played it a lot in college. Im still trying to track down the Dreamcast version since I dont have a 360. Its a fun game though and pretty trippy when you use the vibrator. It does help enhance the whole experience of the game. Playing it in HD is a treat for sure. If only it was on the Playstation Network. Sigh… I cant afford a PS3 and a 360. and so far ps3 has most of the games I want to play.

  2. GiffTor

    They had pandas for buy one/get one free in Vegas for $99 dollars if you used your Visa or MasterCard, which is strange, since C.I.T.E.S. prohibits exporting pandas…

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