Heavy Rain to be Stripped of Interactivity and Turned into Regular Movie

Everyone around me is made from plastic...wait a minute I'm made from plastic!

The game to mediocre movie transformation  has  another potential victim in its sights in the popular and non-conventional adventure crime drama Heavy Rain. David Milch of NYPD Blue and Deadwood fame will be writing a script for the adaptation, simply titled “Rain”. There are no details on when the movie will be released, but Milch will begin work on the project after he finishes up the HBO series “Luck”.

Seems like an easier translation since Heavy Rain is already closer to a movie than most games. Being lazy and not entirely interested in playing the game, I feel that the plot would be easier to absorb without quick time events and constant dips into the uncanny valley. Milch has a solid pedigree as well, so perhaps the crappy game movie trend will be bucked, but I’m not holding my breath.


Giant Bomb (image)