Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition Review: Bend It Like… That Zombie’s Neck

So I’ve just put down the iPad for long enough to write this quick review before I get back to blasting zombies with my amazing soccer skills!

Touch Those Zombies

Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition

So when it comes to iOS games there seems to be a few pretty distinct categories of games. You have your cute game, your zombie game, your action-y game, your physics game, your rpg, strategy game, puzzle game, and your sports games. All the best games on the market put their own twist on some combination of the above to get something unique. You have Angry Birds which is a cute, physics game. Cut The Rope which is a cute, physics, strategy game. Infinity Blade which is an action rpg, Plants vs. Zombies which is a cute, zombie, strategy game, and then you have Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition, or PZSAE for short. This game is a cute, zombie, action-y, strategy, sports game, and they come together for something AWESOME!

When I first picked up the game I expected it to be just another zombie clone game like all of the rest of the zombie games after Plants Vs. Zombies became popular. I was incredibly mistaken. This game takes my favorite parts of PvZ and Angry Birds and slams them together with a hilarious storyline, awesome graphics, copious amounts of blood, and a drunk, smelly, wannabe soccer player.

Nice High Velocity Blood Splatter!

What’s really important is that this game hits all the points that are important to me in an iOS game.

  • Original (Ever seen a zombie soccer team before?)
  • Super intuitive and comfortable controls
  • Easy to play for 1.5 minutes and then put down
  • Easy to play for an hour without stopping
  • Awesome presentation (great sound and graphics)
  • Saves your state in the game really well to deal with interruptions
  • FUN!

How’s It Play?

More important things than contact lenses right now honey...

The gameplay itself is fairly simple. You angle the main character’s soccer ball kick at the onslaught of the zombie horde and attempt to blast them to little bloody stumps on the ground. The controls are easy to use and super-responsive. You go through levels of destroying zombies in this fashion and then where the storyline dictates, the gameplay changes to you driving from one side of town to the other on an aero-bike with a blast cannon on it that you control by tilting the device. Other levels include civilians that you must avoid, your crazy ex-girlfriend looking for her contact lens in a mass of brain-eaters, and many other items of awesomeness. Great to see a game with that care and thought to it that pulls you in level after level.

The Sum-Up

I’ll just say this, I meant to pick it up for 5 minutes, and didn’t put it down for nearly an hour. That combined with the price of $.99 for the iPhone version (doesn’t include quite all of the gameplay elements mentioned here) and $1.99 for the brand new iPad Apocalypse Edition and I give it a 4/5. Now I’m off to kill more of the undead scourge with my soccer ball of righteousness! I wonder if there were shin-guards in that soccer bag, they’d probably help at least a little against the more leg-bitey kinds of zombies…