Gamer’s Journey: Video Game Withdrawal

Packing and moving sucks. There is absolutely nothing enjoyable about the process. Sure, living in a new place can be exciting but you have to deal with a lot a crap before you reach that goal. That being said, it’s great being back in the center of the Horrible Night universe: Indiana. As long and arduous as the journey was to get here, the thing I hated most about it all was the serious lack of video games in my life.

This gave me the shakes.

Boxes Blocked the Idiot Box

The biggest room my wife and I had in our former apartment was the living room. It was the ideal place to start stacking boxes after we were finished packing. This caused quite the dilemma, when the boxes started impeding the viewing angle of the TV from the couch. As the viewing window got smaller, I played less and less. I like sitting in an upright position and the boxes had me leaning to the right while playing. It was not the ideal situation when trying to save the universe in Mass Effect 2.

After getting muscle spasms in my back, I knew it was time to quit. I had a few heavy items to move down from the second floor to the truck, and being out of action because of a video game is not an excuse my wife wants to hear. The Xbox 360, at that point the sole surviving box still hooked to the TV, had to be packed away. I would be remiss to tell you that it wasn’t an emotional night.

I don’t know if other people do this, but I save my console boxes. They are the best way to pack the systems and for someone who rarely stayed in the same apartment for more than a year, it was handy. The loving care I used to pack away my consoles might have been more appropriate for breakable items we received as wedding gifts, however the handy excuse of Horrible Night came into play once again. Pretty soon, that line of reasoning will no longer be an option. I’ve used it too much.

I miss Shepard and his crew.

Misguided Priorities

On the day of the move, my sister’s boyfriend came to help us load up the truck. He grabbed my wife’s cello in one hand and the 360 in the other. I told him to be careful with that, not wanting him to drop the 360, while my wife said “Yeah, besides my engagement ring, the cello is the most expensive thing I own. Please be careful.” I wasn’t even worried about the expensive stringed instrument. You can tell where my priorities lie.

I’ve come to understand that I have a sickness. When my hands start forming into the shape of the Horrible Night logo, I know it’s because I haven’t had a controller in my hands in a few days. I also started getting the shivers, but I can’t pinpoint the actual cause of them. It could just be getting used to this frigid Indiana winter. Yeah, that’s got to be it.

You might be asking yourself, “Cole, you could have played games on your phone during the trip. Why didn’t you do that?” Well let me give you dear readers some advice. If you are moving across country, make sure you do it in a car both you and someone else can drive. My wife cannot drive a stick shift so I was stuck driving the whole way. Though I did not mind driving the distance and actually wanted to drive the whole way, the monotony left me exhausted at the end of the day. All I wanted to do is crash in the hotel room. And crash I did, hard.

Christina hates this drive, it just made me want to replay Red Dead Redemption!

I Need a Fix

I’ve been here a few days now and have been so busy unpacking and doing other things that I have failed to hook up my 360. My hands are starting to cramp, and here comes those shivers again. I better go do something about this. See ya’ll on Live. (oh no, I’m talking like a Hoosier again. At least it’s better than saying hella!)

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