Smell-O-Vision Will Soon Be Reality For Gamers

If you see one of these things in a friend's home, politely excuse yourself and cease further contact

With 3D being the new big thing in technology, most companies are scrambling to jump on board quickly to take advantage of the hype. Scent Sciences is not one of those companies. Utilizing a combination of factory aimed technologies that are impressive yet super duper weird, the company hopes to unleash a new wave of home theater immersion to a public that may or may not be that enthusiatic about such levels of immersion.

The ScentScape will be able to hook into PCs through plug and play compatibility and from there the next level in entertainment begins. Because most current games and movies don’t have the smell producing technology built in, the ScentScape also comes with an editor that allows you to assign scents yourself.  This is a good thing for those of you that enjoy preempting screenings of your favorite movies with smell analysis and assignment.

The product overview goes on to describe an application of the technology in the insanely popular Avatar movie:

Imagine Avatar audiences first experience with the Pandora biosphere is tinged with a unique scent “color”, who smell the Na’vi before they’re visible and where Neytri has an especially pleasing version of the Na’vi scent.

At least we know that Scent Sciences has the creepy Avatar fan demographic in mind, but I’ll be curious how consumers with more reasonable obsession react.

Personally, I’m unsure about this technology and not in the way I’m unsure about 3D. I like 3D, but just feel that it doesn’t need to be applied to everything. In terms of smell-o-vision, I can safely say there aren’t any movies or games that I actually want to smell. Obviously, games like Resident Evil and Dead Space would be blatantly horrible candidates for this device, but bad smell exists everywhere.  Imagine the sweaty butt smell emitting from your console after a Street Fighter bout or the potential fart smell that comes with every NPC interaction in any game. I know my examples are mostly butt oriented, but butts exist in most every game and movie. Random poor hygiene and flatulence would make even the screening of Sleepless in Seattle a potential cringe session.


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  1. Wizardtrain187

    I looked that up and the predetermined smell for Starship Troopers is actually Casper Van Dien. Depending on his physical state at the time of this scent acquisition, the movie could smell intoxicating or like sweaty balls.

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