Hey! Watch! Bulletstorm Hurls Over Halo

BulletstormLately, the Bulletstorm media blitz has been a devisive topic for gamers. From the odd Bullet Points to now mocking one of the greatest video game ads ever, you have to at least admit they are making people talk.

I, for one, am a fan. The game looks ridiculous, and the ads reflect that. I don’t need every game and every developer to take themselves so seriously. I think they are trying a bit too hard, but I’m also loving every second of it. I just hope the game can keep up with the variety being displayed by their marketing team.

I’m ready to kill with skill on February 22. Bring on the Bulletstorm.



1 Comment Hey! Watch! Bulletstorm Hurls Over Halo

  1. gifftor

    That was just funny. And the vitriol on the Halo 3 “Believe” ad that people had for the Bulletstorm ad was even funnier.

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