Gameblox Working on Unofficial Kid Chameleon Remake

From Greaser to Geek

Brazilian developer Gameblox Interactive has released some concept art for their unofficial Kid Chameleon remake, showing off the protagonist’s new more  futuristic look. The social body armor that is the leather jacket, white t shirt and jeans combination has been replaced by some gear that screams “I took Back to the Future 2 way too seriously”. It doesn’t matter too much as wardrobe changes are the name of the game in Kid Chameleon.

This kid could steal my lunch money any day

I did my best to translate the Portuguese on Gameblox’s site, but I’m a bit rusty since college. Hopefully it doesn’t translate into ‘We’re converting Kid Chameleon into a typing game” which would most definetly reduce my enthusiasm in the project. Here’s hoping that we see this game completed and translated sometime soon. Kid Chameleon was one of my favorite 16 bit games and its about time it reemerged.


Gameblox Interactive

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  1. iGek0

    Hey these are AMAZING, its reallllllly great that these guys are doing this. I would love to be able to try it when its complete, if anybody has more recent news or link’s to where i can find out more it would be highly appriciated.


  2. Diego Santos Leão

    Hi, I am the game designer/producer of the remake at Gameblox, and I would happily ask any questions about the game. Please contact us at:

    contact at gameblox dot net

    I noticed the link above does not point to the english version of the post, so here it is:

    You can get more news and concept art by browsing our “Blog” section and at the “related news” section bellow the post. It will all be in portuguese, but who cares, it is all about the pretty pictures :D

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