Torchlight Coming to XBLA in February

"Smashing" news for 360 owners. Hehe...see the guy is smashing stuff and smashing also means exciting in England...I think

Most PC gamers have played or at least know about Runic Game’s Torchlight but the title is still relatively foreign to the soley console playing gamers of the world. In a month, that will change.

Among a myriad of news coming out of this weeks Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was the announcement that the critically acclaimed dungeon crawler would be coming to Xbox Live next month. 360 owners rejoice, these are exciting times for you. While there was no price point given with the announcement, the PC version retails for about $20.00 so I would assume that it would be about the same. Regardless, pick this game up, you won’t be disappointed.

With Torchlight 2 coming out later in the year and now this news, it looks like its going to be a big year for a great game developer. I myself am preparing for game overload, 2011 is going to be real busy.



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