Hey! Play! Fallout 3 Demake

Not sure what I did, but it felt successful

I’ve always loved the idea of remaking an old school game with new school technology, but this recent trend of reversing that formula may actually interest me more. Bethesda recently jumped on board with this idea for their Japanesse website, creating a demake of Fallout 3 with NES Final Fantasy style graphics and gameplay mechanics.  It’s pretty ironic that Bethesda is using a JRPG to advertise for a Western Style RPG when the latter is slowly becoming the new standard in role play style gaming,. Perhaps, it’s the only way to get those stubborn Japanesse to give up their linear storylines and spiky haired androgynous protaganists.

The game happens to be in Japanesse,  so if you’re not prepared to learn a new language you may wish to avoid the link. However, a little imagination and some luck got me through a few scenes so its worth a look.  Besides, what better way to validate expanding your horizons and learning a complicated language than the urge to play a novelty game on a foreign website?



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  1. Wizardtrain187

    You know, I never connected the two but that totally makes sense. Almost wouldn’t mind seeing a throwback to the earlier time periods in the Fallout chronology, maybe we’ll see Wasteland get a rehash sometime soon.

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