The 2010 Grimmys: BFG Award

BFG Award

Where the hell did you come from? Seriously, you didn’t have to go that far, but we’re glad you did. Thanks for blowing our minds a bit.

The Nominees

Grimmy WinnerRed Dead Redemption – You’d think it would be easy to run out of things to do in an era like the Dying West, but Red Dead Redemption is filled with some of the greatest sidequests in the sandbox gaming genre. Not to mention the story and core characters are fantastic. It would have been easy for Rockstar to just reskin GTA and make millions of dollars, but Red Dead Redemption goes that extra desert mile that all gamers can appreciate.

Just Cause 2 – When is the last time you did absolutely nothing in a game for hours upon end, and loved every second of it? That is the core of what makes Just Cause 2 great. Upon loading the game for the first time, it appears that this game should be broken around every corner. Instead, Rico reminds you just how fun causing chaos can really be.

DJ Hero 2 – It has to be hard to make a sequel to a game that you really believed in, but it didn’t sell too well. The developers of DJ Hero 2 did everything right for this sequel, and still somehow managed to make the game more fun with additions like freestyle crossfading. The effort just seems wasted at this point with not enough gamers paying attention to this franchise.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit – They made cops and robbers fun again, and also restored a ailing classic franchise in the process. Hot Pursuit should have sucked, it should have been just another racing game. Instead, Criterion did more than should have been possible with such a simple car chase mechanic. They also succeeded in making leaderboards matter in 2010, which is the kind of old school I can get behind, online.

NBA Jam – EA Sports had a rough year, but it is nice to see creative minds at work behind such a giant developer. NBA Jam was long overdue for a remake, and it would have been easy to screw up. The developers managed to infuse the spirit of the original arcade franchise and actually add fun new modes without breaking the game. This game was one of 2010’s most welcomed surprises.

The 2010 Grimmys