The 2010 Grimmys: Mobile Game of the Year

Mobile Game of the Year

Some games weren’t meant to be played on the big screen, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t mean to be played. Here are the best of the games that had our attention when we were on the move this year.

The Nominees

Grimmy WinnerAngry Birds – Sometimes it’s the simplest concept that works and in the case of Angry Birds it works really well. All you need is a bird, a slingshot and a tower to knock over. If you aren’t one of the millions of people who have downloaded this game, do yourself and the birds a favor by doing so. Technically, the game came out in 2009, but it was a near phenomenon in 2010.  For $0.99 you get 195 levels so the value is most certainly there. Don’t let the pigs get away with those eggs!

Monster Dash – The best mobile games are the ones that aren’t too complicated and Monster Dash is one of the best. A side scrolling Canabalt like game that adds weapons to the jump mechanic, Monster Dash is a $0.99 game of quick bursts. You’re not going to play it for hours at a time (unless you’re crazy), but the ability to kill monsters on the go is definitely appealing.

Cut the Rope – Simple but challenging is the way to go for any mobile game (it’s cheap too at $0.99), and Cut the Rope is one of the best examples of that. Your goal is to “cut the rope” to get a piece of candy into your pet monster’s mouth. With over one hundred physics based puzzles, Cut the Rope is going to keep those completionist gamers busy for a long time.

The Incident – Have you ever wanted to climb up objects that are raining down on you to see where it is they actually come from? Finally a game comes along to let you do just that. At $1.99 it’s the most expensive game on this list but that shouldn’t deter you from its greatness. It’s also like Canabalt but more like Tetris and Canabalt made a baby. If that doesn’t intrigue you maybe the 8-bit style graphics will.

Pix’n Love Rush – For $0.99 a game that asks you to move, jump and shoot could be just about anything. Pix’n Love Rush is similar to many games you’ve played before but unlike anything you’ve seen in one complete package. The goal is to collect coins to increase your multiplier, but as you do the audio and visuals will change the higher you go. Retro gamers are sure to love this one.

The 2010 Grimmys