The 2010 Grimmys: Games of the Year Categories

The 2010 Grimmys

Welcome to the 1st Annual Grimmys, Horrible Night’s Games of the Year Awards. Today, we are happy to introduce you to our 8 core categories as well as Grimmy, himself. Below you will find a sneak peak of the categories that the members of The Cursed have nominated games for and voted on. Our nominations will be revealed in Wednesday’s update, with the awards to be followed on Thursday.

Special thanks to Dimmett – for helping us create Grimmy.

Not Entertained Award

You once had promise, but ended up failing in more ways than one. We only mention you one last time so that others can avoid wasting their time with you.

Infinite Lives Award

You just didn’t fit into our game schedule last year, or you came back this year with a vengeance of new content and updates. Either way you may have came out last year, but and we couldn’t put you down this year.

Queued Up Award

Listen, we know you are a good game, no one doubts that, but you just came out at a bad time for us. We’ll get to you next year and know you’ll make it worth the wait.

BFG Award

Where the hell did you come from? Seriously, you didn’t have to go that far, but we’re glad you did. Thanks for blowing our minds a bit.

DLC of the Year

Nowadays, we are never know when we are really done with a game. Downloadable content keeps on improving, and this year raised the standards even further.

Mobile Game of the Year

Some games weren’t meant to be played on the big screen, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t mean to be played. Here are the best of the games that had our attention when we were on the move this year.

Downloadable Game of the Year

Digital distribution has been the greatest addition to this generation of games. The quality and diversity of downloadable titles continues to expand. These are the games from this year that should be downloaded before any others.

Game of the Year

The definitive games of the year, but only one can win.

Check back tomorrow to see this year’s nominees.