The 2010 Grimmys: Not Entertained Award

Not Entertained Award

You once had promise, but ended up failing in more ways than one. We only mention you one last time so that others can avoid wasting their time with you.

The Nominees

Final Fantasy XIIIFinal Fantasy XIII is an example of the drastic differences between Western vs. Japanese RPGs and how the once powerful Japanese titles are seemingly losing the favor of open world hungry western gamers. While no doubt a powerful story, its linear game play and slow start made the game a grueling experience for anyone, including fans of the series.

Metroid: Other MMetroid: Other M took the concept of other to an extreme, separating itself from previous titles by dramatically changing game play elements and introducing more back story. While perhaps a fun action title, the game probably could have benefited from other names.

Medal of HonorMedal of Honor got a ton of publicity, but not for the right reasons. The controversial inclusion of the Taliban as playable characters was not well received by the industry, and neither was the game. Great graphics and a current war scenario weren’t enough to save a game that borrowed heavily from heavy hitters Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 yet didn’t get much right.

Game Room – Arcades were popular back in the day because consoles had yet to hit their stride. Game Room attempted to bring back that nostalgia, forgetting the fact that its ancestry was made obsolete by the platform it was now catering to. Factor in inconsistent

Grimmy WinnerNBA Elite 11NBA Elite 11 didn’t just underperform, it failed to show up. Plagued by bugs and poor game play, the game was canceled a week before it was supposed to hit store shelves. Somebody definitely lost their jobs with this one, but EA deserves a bit of credit for pulling the plug and taking the loss as opposed to hoping their reputation alone would sell enough titles.

The 2010 Grimmys