The 2010 Grimmys: Game of The Year

Game of the Year

The definitive games of the year, but only one can win.

The Nominees

Civilization V – In a year dominated by action titles, the fifth entry in the Civilization series came along just at the right time to satiate the strategists out there. The introduction of a hex based tile system and city states spiced up a the long running series. Featuring beautiful graphics, extremely deep game play and a user friendly interface, Civilization V produced an experience unrivaled on the PC that finally welcomed all types of gamers.

Fallout: New VegasFallout: New Vegas arrived alongside some controversy due to some rather intense bugs affecting large numbers of gamers. Despite that, the game still awed players with its rich world and deep gameplay. Never steering too far off the path Fallout 3 laid, New Vegas gave fans more of what they wanted while adding subtle changes to further enhance an incredible experience.

Red Dead Redemption – Rockstar wanted to create a sandbox cowboy game, but ended up with an epic story that allowed gamers to immerse themselves in the dying wild west. With hours of plot and a few distractions along the way, RDR broke 2010’s SciFi fixation. Factor in plenty of DLC, including a zombie themed side story, and you have a package that could last well into 2011.

Grimmy WinnerMass Effect 2 – The space epic arrived with high expectations and shattered them. Going in a more action oriented direction, Mass Effect 2 continued the adventures of Shepard and crew as they toured the universe trying to prevent the encroachment of frightening alien species. Streamlined game play and an extreme amount of content is building Mass Effect into a trilogy to rival all others.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – The most popular MMO of all time sought to grow even larger by taking a huge risk with recreating the original land the game had been built upon. Initially, the risk has paid off and newcomers and gamers who had long sense left Azeroth are returning in droves. Long time WoWers have also been rewarded with plenty of new content and a new level cap. Cataclsym is set to become the expansion by which all other MMO expansions are measured.

The 2010 Grimmys