BioShock 2: Minerva’s Den DLC Review: I’ll Tinker with The Thinker

Minerva’s Den is one of the best DLC purchases I’ve ever made. It is made up of three long chapters, the same length as the chapters in the main game of BioShock 2. This is a whole new story, involving a few new characters. Your ally in this game is Charles Milton Porter, the inventor of an AI called “The Thinker”. In the opposite corner you have your villain, Reed Wahl, who was Porter’s partner before his betrayal and slip into that classic BioShock insanity. You are an Alpha Series Big Daddy named Sigma, who has been commissioned to help Porter escape Rapture with The Thinker.

BioShock 2: Minerva's Den

The Thinker Knows DLC

The premise is pretty well thought out for DLC. You start out at square one as far as plasmids and weapons, but you upgrade very quickly. I played this on the hardest difficulty so bear that in mind when reading the following. My biggest challenge was finding enough ADAM to upgrade and buy things. Since you are a big daddy again, you gather ADAM the same way, by adopting little sisters and syphoning from specific dead bodies. The other challenge was keeping ammo and medpacks. There are some high level foes in this game and you really have to change your usual strategy if you want to survive. Another nice thing was the environments were not just recylced from the main game. The developers actually made new steampunk computer-like environments to compliment the story.

What’s new in Rapture this time?

BioShock 2: Minerva's Den

Neither of you is a very good shot with that laser

There are a few new baddies in Minerva’s Den. One is a Brute with a fire plasmid. These are difficult to take down, but one of the things that may help you is the new gravity plasmid. This basically creates a sort of mid air vortex that traps a tumbling helpless splicer or splicers. One thing that those naughty splicers seem to have ample supply of is security bots. Not only that but a lot of them shoot electro bolts. These are nice to hack in to and have on your side. There’s also a new Lancer Big Daddy which carries a new weapon, the Ion Laser. Personally, I found the weapon pretty weak in my hands, but maybe I just didn’t find a good strategy for it.

Overall the story was well thought out, it still had that classic BioShock twist and reveal, and it was a lengthy and entertaining addition to BioShock 2. I recommend picking it up. One thing that I never did figure out is who Minerva was and why she had a Den. Oh well, splice on kids!


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  1. Minerva

    Minerva is the Roman goddess of Wisdom, or, in Greek, Athena. Her symbol is the owl, which is why you see owl-like art all over the den, and Minerva’s Den is meant to make the area analogous to Athens, the Greek city devoted to Athena and a major center of learning and culture in the ancient world.

  2. GiffTor

    And, for all of the Stephenson fans out there, represented “metis,” which if I remember correctly, is somewhat equivalent to “cleverness.” She was, effectively, the “Geek God,” although she was a warrior, too. She represented war in defense of civilization; one of her symbols was the shield (versus Ares/Mars, who represented aggressive/wars of conquest and whose symbol was the sword). So it makes double sense that the DLC deals with computers.

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