Japanese PSN Also Gets Chrono Cross. U.S. Shut Out For Now

The sequel to one of the greatest Super Nintendo games ever made.

Why do you do this to us Sony? If you offered up a game like Chrono Cross to be the prize for getting 20,000 followers on it’s Japanese Members account, why can’t you do the same for that account in the United States? Other regions have gotten some great Square Enix games from the past, yet North America still sits wanting and waiting.

Games like Legend of Mana (although not great), Xenogears, and Vagrant Story are all noticiably absent from the US PSN Store while gamers from other parts of the world can download these games on their own region specific PSN Store. It took forever for the US to get Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX, is it going to take forever and a day for Chrono Cross? I understand that you can get most if not all these games for under $20 on certain corners of the internet, but the ability to just download these classic games from the comfort of your home for $10 is way more appealing to me.

I bought Chrono Cross when it first came out on the Playstation, but never finished it. Same with Vagrant Story. I want the chance to play these games again without having to worry about the actual discs. That might make me lazy, or just very shelf conscious but my Playstation 3 is lonely. I need a reason to play it, and these old Square Enix would give me that reason.


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