Hey! Watch! Modern War Gear Solid

My guerrilla films never featured boom mics.

What happens when a pretty sweet supporting character from one series teams up with the pretty sweet main character from a completely different series and are then forced to fight the conglomeration of their two arch enemies? If you answered Modern War Gear Solid then you are correct and also really good at guessing games.

Guerrilla filmmakers Beat Down Boogie have put together a parody series featuring Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid and Ghost from Modern Warfare 2, and to say it’s well done is an understatement. The costumes are legit, the props realistic and the humor is delicately laced into a mash up of the two video game stalwarts. There are currently three shorts in the series, part 2 and part 3 can be found in links contained within the words I just mentioned.

Check it out and please don’t remind me how behind I am on the times, daylight savings really threw me off this year.


Beat Down Boogie (picture)