Wait a Minute, Doc, a Back to the Future: The Game Trailer?

Back to the Future: The Game

Doc, you look surprised.

Telltale Games is about to set out on their next episodic adventure with Back to the Future: The Game. The first episode of five is due out this month and any fears of the game not feeling like the classic movies series are put to rest by the voices of Christopher Lloyd and Huey Lewis in this trailer.

The game picks up after the end of the third film with the bank trying to sell off Doc Brown’s estate. Of course, Doc is lost somewhere in time and Marty must travel back/forward in time to aid him.

Here is the release list of the upcoming episodes:

  • December 2010 – It’s About Time
  • February 2011 – Get Tannen!
  • March 2011 – Citizen Brown
  • April 2011 – Double Visions
  • ?? 2011 – Outatime

If you haven’t tried out a Telltale adventure yet, this looks to be the most accessible. Keep an eye on Steam and Telltale’s website for release dates and episode sales. Discounts are available if you buy the entire series up front instead of per episode.


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