Uncharted 3 Rumor: Drake to Delve into Desert

The pickaxe seems a bit over the top for sand digging, I use a plastic shovel and pail

Nathan Drake of Uncharted fame really enjoys going on exciting and often times very dangerous vacations, and its looking like his next trip may take him to the super sand festival known as the desert.  Kotaku reports that the same secret source that told them Sony would be revealing the third game in the Uncharted series in the near future also said that aforementioned game would feature an abundant amount of what I like to call “anti-snow” (or sand for the idiots out there).

There doesn’t appear to be any further detail on where the desert would be located, how mysterious the desert would be or if the desert is even on Earth (Mars is a cold desert and the sun is basically a desert but with explosive gas and lava).  I contacted my own source, but grandma’s  industry connections suck. Anyway, I don’t have any beef with exploring deserts and presuming that the game takes place around Egypt, there’s a lot of potential for some really “tight” scenarios to occur.