Kinect and Controller-based Hybrid Games Are Coming


Is this missing a key component?

It’s Kinect launch day, we haven’t gotten our hands on one but there are plenty of launch reviews available. If you’re like us, you’ve probably already made up your mind if you are interested in the Kinect now or are in the wait-and-see crowd. Up until now, Microsoft’s main marketing push has been “You are the controller” and trying to push the differences of Kinect vs the other motion controllers. They’ve done a great job at this as most people can quickly identify differences between the Kinect and Wii/Move.

This all or nothing approach is great for marketing, but had some gamers worried that some games just require a controller. Lucky for us, the big marketing push is easing up and Microsoft is talking a bit more candidly about the future possibilities of Kinect. The first of which, coming from an discussion with Kinect developer Alex Kipman is the potential of hybrid Kinect and controller games.

We love controller-free games, we love Kinect experiences and we’ll continue to grow our set of those as well. What we haven’t really talked about, but exist, are hybrid games,” said Kipman. “Games that are using the controller, which we know and love, and pieces, if not all, of the Kinect experiences to again make those experiences more immersive, more fun and more emotionally connected.

Personally, this places me more in the optimistic side of the wait-and-see crowd. Between the potential for hybrid games and some of the more traditional looking games shown off at TGS, it’s nice to see that Microsoft isn’t restricting the future of Kinect. Kinect may be unrecognizable in its future uses as compared to what it can do on launch day.


Joystiq (image)