8-Bit Wood Art for Pixel Perfect Walls

8-Bit Wood

The one problem with 8-bit pixel art is that it never holds together well when it is blown up. This makes it difficult to hang your your favorite classic characters on the wall. 8-Bit Wood has done an incredible job at creating 8-bit art that I would proudly display in my home or office.

About 8-bit Wood
8BITWOOD is a journey into the madness of homemade pixel art. I work in the videogame industry and I thought what better way to pay homage to my favorite games than to cut out thousands of little blocks of wood, stain them, glue them together, seal them and then hang the result on the wall? I work at a videogame developer that is kind enough to let me create murals of pixel art and put them up on the wall for display.

For now, 8-Bit Wood is taking orders via email, but look for an etsy shop in the near future.


8BitWood.com (image)