REPLY TO ALL: Up Your Gamerscore on Windows Phone 7

Have you ever wanted to take your Xbox Live gamerscore with you on the road? Well if you haven’t heard about the new mobile operating system Microsoft has created called Windows Phone 7, then you probably aren’t that interested in carrying your gamerscore around with you everywhere you go. The OS got our attention because of it’s Xbox Live integration. Read on to find out Horrible Night’s thoughts and what might make it a more appealing option.


When I first heard about Windows Phone 7 have Xbox Live support, I started paying attention to the phone. It doesn’t seem to have any other great features so I’m not going to rush out and buy the first versions by any means. But dammit, I really want Xbox Live on my phone, so far the apps, on the iPhone at least, have been pretty clunky and are pretty much read only.

Xbox Live on the go.

That being said as cool as it is to tie into my profile, I don’t support improving your gamerscore by playing games on your phone. Maybe I’m an elitist, ok I am, but there’s something wrong about my achievements in Angry Birds being worth just as much as my achievements in Gears of War or Viva Pinata (ya, I said it).


I was just thinking about these ideas minutes ago while looking through some of the free games on OpenFeint. One of the ‘selling’ points of a recent free game with bad reviews was that it could give
you ‘lots of points’. There is enough of that going on with paid Xbox games. It would be tough to imagine XBL plagued with free games that only exist to improve your gamerscore.


I’d imagine that Microsoft will try and control which games get approved for the achievements much like they do for Games for Windows Live. If they don’t, then they better separate the fake points from the real points dammit.


I just got 1000 points for making 5 in a row in Paper Toss!!!


Of course, all of this makes me feel guilty about all of those UNO achievements. Maybe XBLA should be separated, too?


I think its a great idea, but it needs to work like OpenFeint does for iPhone.  Make the user log in to enable posting achievements per game. Cause there are definitely some guilty pleasures that aren’t going to look good next to Halo: Reach and Gears of War in your profile.


Hmmm. If that’s the case than I don’t care near as much about Windows Phone 7. Game Center or OpenFeint are essentially the same thing.

Gamer Center on iPhone.


Just so long as it doesn’t turn out to be an unorganized cluster of one time plays I don’t think it would be bad. I love Game Center on the iPhone so it seems pretty cool to me. One thing that would improve the experience is the right to forgo achievement points and delete games in your list. I’d love to be able to delete some of the lame titles I tried out.


Except Game Center and OpenFeint don’t increase my XBL gamer score.  Who wants to maintain multiple scores?


I mean if XBL were separate from the mobile games, then the mobile gamerscore/friend base would be just like Game Center. I think for it to work well Microsoft will have to be particular on what games have achievements that add to your gamerscore. Like Justin was saying with how they’ve been handling the Windows Live games. I’m sure they’re thinking the same thing here. I’ll bet there’s a limit to the scores in a game just like the arcade games, too. Maybe 200 points still? Or maybe there will be different categories of games for points sake. Like a mobile version of something like … I don’t know, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (I’m not sure what will actually be on there) would be 200 points. Bejeweled or Doodle Jump or something smaller might be capped at say 50 or 100 points.


That’s the problem. I see what Microsoft is trying to do, and I hate that I’m even tempted by the Windows Phone 7 solely because of the XBL integration. It makes sense. It gives them a hook. A tasty, tasty hook. I could go for Rob’s idea if the mobile games were capped at a smaller point value. I just don’t want to see awful or easy games devalue gamerscore as it’s one of my favorite things about the 360, and the mobile platform. I’ve accepted the reality of managing multiple profiles because Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft aren’t coming together anytime soon. I just think gamerscore should be platform specific rather than company specific. For instance, when a new Xbox comes out you should be able to see my 360 score and my Phone 7 score through my profile, but it should promote my new score that starts at 0.

Obligatory Angry Birds Picture.


My wife is due for a new phone and I’m tempted to convince her to get a Windows Phone 7 one just so I can have my gamerscore on the go. At the same time, I don’t really like how they are connected. They should be two separate things. You should be able to manage your Xbox gamerscore but not gain anything. They are two separate systems and should be treated as such. I agree with Justin, every new platform should start at 0. Just so that guy who got a 500,000 gamerscore can do it again on Windows Phone 7.


Maybe you guys just don’t like the idea of being tempted to buy a new phone that you don’t need? Justin, I know you have an iPhone loaded with games that I’m sure you wouldn’t want to repurchase. Between that and actually enjoying the phone, I’m sure you wouldn’t look forward to buying a whole new phone and rebuilding your games library. Maybe your just mad that the Windows Phone 7 gamerscore points are something that simply aren’t likely to happen for you unless you’re willing to shell out a bunch of money and change your phone and all that jazz. If they brought gamerscore integrated games to the iPhone would you still feel the same way?


Time to throw my 2 cents in here, I feel like the best solution (at least to me) would be if game developers had access to add points to our gamer scores. Like if Angry Birds was available for Windows Phone 7, and I gained an achievement while on my iPhone, it could check it’s server, see that I have a paying live account, and adjust my score accordingly. That is all :)


After talking through this cost and exclusivity isn’t my issue, I’m just an elitist and want my scores to be separate and compared to gamers playing with the same rules I am so in effect they have the same value.

Easy 1000 on Games For Windows Live

For instance, the PC version of Fallout 3 had a hack that made it easy to get all of the achievements, but that wasn’t possible on the 360. Sure, I’m overanalyzing it, but I like my leaderboards controlled a bit.


Well I don’t think you’re going to have to worry about someone hacking a Windows Phone 7 to achieve easier gamerscore points, though I wouldn’t totally discount it. It seems like your issue is more with Games for Windows Live.

I’m with Alex… I just wish it was a per game deal like with GFWL, and not hardware related. So my qualifying iPhone games could add to my score just the same as games on WP7. I’m not about to go out and buy a new phone based solely on adding to my gamerscore when I’m perfectly happy with what I have. I guess I just have to choose not to care… and I don’t, really. As long as I’m having fun playing the games I want to play it’s all good.


Haha, I thought I’d have more backing from our achievement whores out there. Now, I just feel crazy for taking it so seriously. Gamerscore has just driven a lot of my game purchases. It drove the initial base of my gaming circle to the 360 to the point that I got invested in it. Now, if a game comes out on multiple platforms I go for the gamerscore and the multiplayer with my XBL friends. Maybe I’m just nervous about that happening with my mobile purchases, too. After all, if it’s the same game on Droid, iPhone, and WP7 why not take the one that adds to your profile? (Even if it kills a little piece of me)

Apparently whoring is not enough

While we think the idea is good, most of us are already committed to another platform: the iPhone. If games we purchased on Apple’s platform could transfer achievements I think there would be more volunteers to switch. The iPhone has an almost insurmountable lead in gaming on a phone, but it seems like this is a valiant, if not last ditch, effort on Microsoft’s part.


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