Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Teases Demo with Bacon

Fans of Need for Speed and Burnout finally get to a taste of Criterion‘s take on Need for Speed Hot Pursuit with the demo comes out this week (Oct 26). In the demo, players will give chase as a cop along “mountainous ridges.” Don’t like playing as the “good guys?” Maybe this trailer will change your mind:

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

I'm going to crash, a lot.

Also featured in the demo is the much touted, Autolog, feature that functions as a social network/leaderboard for the game so you can quickly chase down your friends records or their cars. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is the work of Burnout developer, Criterion, who look to revitalize the Need for Speed franchise with the intensity Burnout fans, like myself, have come to love. If everything comes together, it will be a new high for the franchise and for Criterion. If it doesn’t, EA will have to weigh the future of two racing franchises very carefully.

The demo ends on November 9 so you have a limited time to try the game out before it hits shelves on November 16.


Giant Bomb (image)