Minecraft Attacked By Douchebags


Why hate?

Minecraft scares me. When Markus Persson developed the game he combined two forms of crack – building blocks and online video games. I’d go in and I’d never come out. I mean that as a compliment, and Markus deserves all of the success coming to him from Minecraft’s popularity.

The problem with being popular on the internet is that it attracts the worst types of people. Fans start to define your product for you and develop their own expecations. It’s even worse when your product is a game and that disgusting and selfish subculture of evil gamers shows up. They always find a way to ruin things whether it’s through cheating, griefing, or hacking. Now, the jerks have turned their attention to Minecraft.

The Minecraft website was attacked yesterday afternoon causing the online game to be unplayable for everyone. The jackasses are holding the game hostage supposedly to prove a point to Markus whom they say has not updated the game with features that he promised. They have given Markus a week to respond and threatened that they can take down the site for longer if necessary. These douchebags think that if they slow down the sales of Minecraft that they will get what they want. Some how they missed the fact that Markus has already gotten the attention he needs to be a success beyond Minecraft. They are just ruining the game for everyone at this point.

Minecraft and Markus do not owe these clowns anything. The game is more than fairly priced, was available for free at one time, and thousands of other people are compeletely happy with their experience. Minecraft should be celebrated and respected, not targeted. Listen, you dicks, use your skills to take down a Gibson instead. Assholes.


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  1. Victim of douschebags

    i agree
    i have been attacked by these douschebags over night for they have burned my castle thing down and covered it with lava taking all my diamond iron and gold and believe me i had a lot.
    my friend gave me about 30 stacks of obsidan and they took that too.
    but hooray he got banned but that will not give me back my stuff

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