REPLY TO ALL: Tell Us About Your Game Room

Getting away from our analysis of the video game industry, we decided to make this week’s REPLY TO ALL about our own personal gaming setups. Feel free to leave comments detailing your own game room or boasting about how yours is so much better than any of ours.


I like to think my living room is setup pretty well. We have a large 1080p 52″ HD TV hooked into a nice Klipsch surround system. I’m swapping systems all of the time so things look a bit out of sorts at times, but it’s pretty easy to get the 360, PS3, and Wii all hooked in if I ever needed it. Really, my roommate went above and beyond on the TV. It makes it hard for me to play games on my own TV in my room which is a decent 32″ HD TV. It’s just the perfect size without being overwhelming. Ideally, if I had a different house I’d move the game room out of the living room and into a basement or den so it’s more isolated. As much as I love my games, I don’t like it as the focus of the living area. Plus, I need a bigger room for all of my fake instruments and that Ion Drum Kit.


I have a similar setup to Justin, my gaming systems are in my living room. I like to keep it looking clean without any wires showing anywhere but sometimes that’s impossible to do. Again, like Justin said, the ideal place to game is in a man cave of sorts and hopefully one day my living arrangements will provide me with such a room. That being said,  I’ve got a 42″ Samsung 720p HDTV as the center piece with all three gaming systems hooked into it. I also have a 46″ Samsung DLP HDTV with the bulb blown out right now so it sits on the sidelines waiting for me to one day replace the bulb and then use it in the man cave or sell it.

The only thing missing is the surround sound.

The one thing that is missing from my setup that I’d love to have, even if it would be overkill in my small living room would be a surround sound system. It’s the last thing I have to get before I consider my setup complete, but it really isn’t necessary right now. Also I’d like a bigger living room so I could have some decent space to get some Dance Central in when the Kinect comes out next month. It might have to be rearranged from the current incarnation for me to do so.


My gaming is divided between 2 rooms. We have the PS3 downstairs, attached to a 52″ LG HD flatscreen mounted above the fireplace. The difficulty with this set up is making sure that it fits with the aethetics of my wife’s interior decorating, which after a bit of reworking it does quite well. Since we use the PS3 more for movies than games, it makes sense that it sits down there. I want to look into a surround sound system, but am waiting on that. The Wii currently sits in a drawer, but can easily be hooked up in either gaming location. Upstairs I have the beginnings to the man cave that Cole and Justin mentioned. I have my computer up there as well as my Xbox 360, which is hooked to a 32″ Samsung flatscreen. I have a network bridge set up between the PC and Xbox, which meant I didn’t have to get a wireless adapter or rerun my internet upstairs.

Eventually, we’re going to move the bed out of the man cave and replace it with a sectional, that way the man cave can support more than just one man. I need to get another monitor as well, which should help me drawing, editing, etc., in the future. The great thing about the man cave is that I can shut the door when we do podcasts or I need to focus. Its also great for napping. Currently it splits time with being a guest room, but that will end in a year…guests suck.


Ethan since you are a heavy PC gamer currently, I’m sure you could relate to my dream of putting together a home theater setting that works comfortably with my computer. Besides hooking up the video and audio. Having a wireless keyboard and mouse that folded in and out of a tv tray-like setup would be awesome. The ability to kick back with a keyboard and mouse would be huge. Someone needs to get to work on this.

Perfect for the cave of gamers.

Another item to consider for your gamer caves from an earlier conversation would be that perfect arcade machine in the corner.


I’ve got a 37″ tv which works perfect with my apartment size as well as the distance between the tv and my couch. I’ve got a modest Panasonic surround sound setup; nothing too complex. The back speaker volume is not adjustable for some reason. The tv is mounted on a pole that runs in back of a 3 shelved entertainment center, and my Xbox, PS3, and games occupy the middle shelf. Limited editions and other game nerdities of course occupies the top shelf, with the Halo 3 helmet front and center, and MW2 nightvision goggles, Heavy Rain oragami, and Bioshock 2 big daddy doll on the sides. I don’t want another tv in my bedroom. I like having my games and my movies all in one spot.

Jadetiger wants to play her games in this.

I’ve also got a low coffee table between the couch and the tv. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a meal away from that table. Its a little bit of a pain in the ass though, since I have to bend forward so far. TV trays would prob be nice. A really comfortable chair would also be nice sometime


My gaming is a bit spread out too. In my room, I’ve got a desk / shelving set up with a 40″ Samsung LCD that was a hand-me-down when my parents upgraded, my Xbox 360, Wii and desktop PC. I do most of my gaming in here, either sitting at the desk with my neck craned up at the tv like I’m in the front row of a movie theater, or at the back on the room on my bed.  Out in our living room is my roommate’s Xbox 360 and my PS2, which I randomly got out recently on a whim. These are attached to an projection LCD tv that was here when I moved in, I think it’s somewhere around 52″ or 55″. It has a weird aspect ratio so there’s always stuff that gets pushed off the edges of the screen and it was built before HDMI was a thing and tends to be a little dark but it gets us by. Moving back and forth between Xboxes is not nearly as big a pain in the ass as I expected it to be; I’ve got my profile and save games (and even a couple XBLA games) on a USB stick that I just move back and forth.


My gaming take place in the family room.  I have a 40″ 720p Sony Bravia with a Harman Kardon receiver and JBL speakers/sub for surround sound.  This is where my xbox, ps3, and wii are set up.  However i’m not sure the Wii is actually hooked up, and I only own 1 PS3 game so its more for movies/media center. It’s by no means an over the top setup but it works great for the space. I also have an older 27″ tube tv back in my office for retro game systems, but I hardly touch it.  I’ve actually brought most of those into work to help pass the day. Eventually I’d like to convert the basement into a man cave.

My end goal is definitely something like the video above.


My gaming too, is split into a couple of different areas. Upstairs I have a 37″ Scepter 1080p (yay for Newegg black friday deals!) with a low-end Sony surround system. Hooked up to that is the PS3 (mainly for movies) and the Wii (because we have room for the balance board there. Downstairs is slowly becoming the man-cave. Down there I have a 32″ Westinghouse 720p with the 360, PS2, N64, and Apple TV. The Rock Band and DJ Hero setups are down there as well. Next up is a  bigger TV, hopefully a 42, and surround in the basement. Eventually I’ll be moving my office to a bedroom in the basement and then I’ll have a true cave!


I’m with Coop in that a man cave needs to be more than a room. It deserves to be an entire basement. It also needs to be flexible to be able to swap between a comfortable gaming theater and movie theater. Also, I need millions of dollars in order to pull this off right. Taking donations now.

This is why JDevL is taking donations.


I’ll also take any donations that anyone wants to throw my way.

Right now my setup is pretty nice for 1 or 2 people, but gets tight with 3 or more. The one TV in the house and all the gaming stuff is in the living room. I have a 42″ Samsung 720p Plasma that sits about 7 feet from the couch at eye level, so it’s a pretty decent size for the space and I love Samsung TVs. Hooked up in there are a 360 Elite, a Wii, and a modded Xbox Original (strictly used for playing legal copies of only the NES, SNES, Genesis, and whatever else Roms that I own, of course.) I’ve pieced together an all Bose surround system (except for the Sony sub), which sounds pretty good at high volumes. The front left and right speakers are from the 80s, so I think they’re starting to get a little flat… I’ll replace them one day… probably with some Polk towers.

Pretty soon I’ll be piecing together a lounge (/man cave) down in my basement. I’m gonna paint the walls a dark red color and put in some dark wood flooring to make it super chill (or whatever.) I’ll be looking to get a new 1080p Samsung LCD… probably somewhere between 50-60″. I’ll still be sitting about 7 feet away at eye level so anything in that range will look huge. I already picked up a set of Klipsch 5.1 speakers… just need to pick up another receiver. I’ll move all the game systems from the upstairs down to the lounge and will most likely need to pick up a ps3 for the sake of the dvd/bluray player (and Stranger’s Wrath HD.) It will also be a lot easier to make room for crazy dancing games and whatever in the new space if the Kinect is in my future. So yeah… can’t wait to get that all done! In the mean time, though. my setup aint too shabby.

I guess I have to mention the office upstairs. That’s where all the PC gaming goes down. I just built a new rig not too long ago, so my machine will still run all the new games on the highest settings. Won’t be long, though, until I’m running all the new games on the lowest settings….. such is life with PC games. For now it’s pretty badass, though. The 1920×1200  28″ monitor 2 and a half  feet from my face is a plus. Civ V and L4D2 are looking pretty.


See, I would need more than one man cave, one for singular manhood (not masturbation…ok maybe a bit) and one for tribal manhood. I’d call that my man cavern, although women would be welcome as long as they play games or are refreshing the snacks. From the looks of this reply to all, that whole asocial gaming stigma is not far off…we all seem to prefer hanging around in caves which is what most outsiders think we already do.


I still want to pool our resources together and save our significant others some sanity by buying a house and making every single room gamecentric in some way. The retro room, the arcade, the rock band room, the wall of shooters, and… ping pong.


We would save them sanity but probably become single in the process as I feel a majority of us would hang out there everyday. We would have to create some sort of incentive to go back home, perhaps a loud horn or a person that is ok to hang around with for a couple hours, but anything more becomes annoying. We’d also have to have a pretty strict no drug rule or else the “Gamecentric House” would turn into the “Gamecentric Drug Haven”, all though offering such services may help in spreading out costs.


A good horn to use would be the one played for the losing team toward the end of matches in Battlefield BC2.

This horn is just about the epitome of annoying…. I would be sure to head on home.


The Horrible Night Arcade and Drug Haven. We can quit our jobs and it will help fund itself and the website. This has been a very productive conversation.


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