Kinect Launch Titles Gyrate Near You

Kinect is here

That kid looks too still to be playing Kinect right.

Our very own BlueAwesome has witnessed the Kinect first hand in a local WalMart. The launch date of Nov 4 is only a few weeks away. For those of you immediately and awkwardly embracing this new controller-less future of ours, Ars Technica has broken down the 17 Kinect launch titles that you will be rearranging your living room in order to play.

Personally, I just want the option to have a dance off with my pet tiger by combining Dance Central with Kinectimals. But I can’t wait to see the Kinect in action to determine whether this is a holiday purchase or more of a what-and-see-where-this-goes piece of technology. I don’t want to repeat the crushed dreams of the Virtual Boy experience of my youth. What do you think? Do any of these titles sway your opinion either way?


Ars Technica