Borderlands Game of the Year Trailer Brings Back Characters and Claptrap Cursing

Back before Borderlands was released, the game first grabbed my attention with a series of behind-the-scenes videos starring the foul-mouthed, Claptrap. I had seen screenshots and read plenty of gameplay details about their ridiculous amount of weapons, but I didn’t expect the game to have a sense of humor. It went on to be one of my favorite games of last year as well making Pandora one of the more unique game worlds out there.

Borderlands Game of the Year Edition

Get (back) to Borderlands

To celebrate the release of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition, it seems fitting that Claptrap is back to sell us buying the game again. This time he is joined by a greatest hits of support characters that took a more prominent role in the game’s downloadable content which is featured in the GOTY package.

If you haven’t journeyed to Pandora yet, this should give you a confusing taste of what to expect from the characters. If you still own Borderlands, go online and you’ll be treated to a GOTY patch that increases the game’s level cap and rebalances the game accordingly so that the enemies can finally keep up with all of your bad ass gear.


Giant Bomb (image)