The Cast Of NBA Jam Is Not Trying To Make A Statement FOX News


Disappointed in Joe's Dunk Stats

NBA Jam is a game of pure and simple arcade fun. Even with the fantastic additions to the new version, at its core it is still the same old great fast paced 2-on-2 basketball game we remember. EA Sports gone out of it’s way to avoid breaking what wasn’t broken and every new feature is rooted in the spirit of the classic sports title. So it should come as no surprise that the cast of unlockable characters builds off the randomness that made the original’s cast so memorable. We’ve got a lot of older NBA stars, and even the Beastie Boys thrown in for good measure. Check out this spoler-filled list to see if your favorite star made the cut.

The inclusion of Barack Obama would seemingly be in good fun. After all Bill and Hillary Clinton were in the earlier game (and this one, too0. EA even seemed to cover their bases by having both a Democrat and Republican team so you can finally see Biden and Cheney go head-to-head. Leave it to FOX News to try and complicate things by asking EA Sports President (and PR bad ass) Peter Moore if the game is partisan in any way.

Luckily, Peter is smooth and deftly handles the pointless question. Thanks, anyway for the free promotion, FOX News.


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