Shiniest Objects: Dunking Gets Political

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It’s not every week that Blizzard announces a release date and a new game has our President in it.

Barack Obama


Tell us what we missed and what we got right with the wrong opinion.

16 headlines distracted us last week, in reverse chronological order here’s the best from that list.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm blows up Dec. 7 – Joystiq
Well, there went December

Review of Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution – Giant Bomb
A different take on the new Borderlands DLC

President Obama Is On Fire (In NBA Jam)! [Sports] – Kotaku
Well played, once again, EA

Review: Comic Jumper – Destructoid
Take notice, it’s been too long since you bought an XBLA game anyway.

Gears of War 3 gains multiplayer beta in 2011 ‘featuring dedicated servers’ – Joystiq
Definitely takes the sting out of the delay a bit.

The less-publicized new Xbox 360 dashboard features – Destructoid
Most of this stuff is more exciting then any of the aesthetic changes.

Konami’s classic X-Men arcade game coming to PSN and XBLA – Joystiq
Nice call. Now where is The Simpson’s Game?