Lately, it seems like the popular thing to do is remake older games while updating their graphics for the HD consoles. While some games are welcomed in the format, others make us wonder why companies would even bother. Which leads us to this week’s REPLY TO ALL question: What games would you like to see have a HD remake?


I love old school RPG’s and as mentioned in my article last week, I’d love to see a Secret of Mana remake. But I would also love to see Final Fantasy VI be remade with high definition 2D artwork similar to the way Street Fighter 2 HD Remix was done a couple years ago. Make it downloadable for $15 and you have a sure fire success on your hands. It might not be the easiest thing to complete, but Square Enix needs to get it done.

If only all HD Remakes could be this good.

Also, any of the old Super Mario Bros. games would be cool too. Imagine Super Mario Bros. 1-3 looking like New Super Mario Bros. I know they’ve updated the graphics once before, when Super Mario All-Stars came out, but it’s not like Nintendo isn’t afraid to release the same thing more than once (like the Super Mario Collection that’s coming out in Japan). These are some major franchises that I’ve picked. What are some of the more obscure games you’d like to see be redone?


Good luck with your sprite based games as remakes. That’s a lot of rework, but Square Enix has a lot more to work with thanks to redoing FF on most platforms (including the iPhone). They would be awesome, but they’d have to charge a pretty HD penny. But I agree, forget all of the FFVII remake talk, let’s do FF VI up right. As for Super Mario Bros, it seems like a no brainer to update the old ones using New Super Mario type of graphics. Although, it could start a purist fanboy war, which could be hilarious.

For me, I want to see the Soul Reaver series redone in HD glory. Any game with the depth and story of that series deserves to be redone in it’s full intended vision. Also, the sequels to that series were split up across platform and I’d like it to be brought together as once complete experience.

Raziel would look better in HD

If you want to go ahead and redo the original Legacy of Kain, I’d be okay with that, too.


Oh, Pong, hands down! Final fantasy 7 for sure. I would love to play that with todays game engines. I also wouldn’t mind a reskin of the first Halo. Halo 2 was a vast improvement graphics wise and still holds up well. GoldenEye would be a good one too. I played it yesterday and put it down after 5 min. Sooo slow and so blocky.


I’m not sure how this would work out, but I’ve always wanted a remake or at least one of these “new” gen updates to Chrono Trigger. In the same sense, I’ve always wanted to see Pokemon done in a Diablo-like universe (imagine the possibilities… !!), or at least from a similar visual perspective.

Some of these games are actually already in the pipeline – namely GoldenEye. GoldenEye arguably revolutionized the shooter genre with its multiplayer and it seems that since then shooters have been building upon that. My worry with GoldenEye is that if the developer, Rare, doesn’t revolutionize shooters again, or at least build upon today’s shooters and not build upon its predecessor, then the GoldenEye remake will be a huge flop. It won’t be able to compete with a modern shooter unless they really bar all holds and go all out with it. Duke Nukem Forever is in the same boat, it just won’t compete unless it offers something unique in such a hostile modern shooter market.


I actually see GoldenEye being a bit of a failure as well. I just can’t see it bringing much to the table beyond nostalgia.

Beyond the games I”ve covered in Remake it So, i can’t think of a whole lot I’d like to see get a makeover. I absolutely loved the Resident Evil remake for Gamecube and wouldn’t mind seeing RE2 and Nemesis come out with fresh paint. I can see that being a something that would look great with the RE5 engine and perspective but still maintaining the puzzles and less action oriented gameplay. Probably a pipe dream as both titles were revisted on the Wii with the two on rails shooters that came out.

Resident Evil 2 and Nemesis are due to be updated.

Another title I wish someone would bring back is Nocturne, a PC game that came out in the early 2000’s. Anybody that loves horror and loved the original Resident Evil would fall in love with this game. I’ll be touching on that title a bit more here soon in an edition of Remake it So though.


I’ll take a remake of Donkey Kong Country.  I remember being so blown away by the graphics of that game and got so much gameplay out of it on snes.  I’d play that game again in a heartbeat with updated HD textures. I would also love to play the original Resident Evil in HD.  I’ll pass on GoldenEye though because from a recent revisit I was quickly reminded to just leave that as a nostalgic memory. The game is horrible and it was really only cool back then because it was start of a new generation of fps games. I don’t want anyone to ruin those memories for me by attempting to remake it.

By the way, in the case of Donkey Kong Country Returns, Wii remakes don’t count because they aren’t in HD. :)


Just as I was about to correct Coop, he comes back to make it so I couldn’t agree with him more. You gotta go all out with the HD remakes. Aiming for the Wii just doesn’t cut it. Which is my whole issue with GoldenEye, releasing it only for the Wii just makes me question their spine from the beginning. Go big or go home, Activision.

Ethan, I think you are right, they’ve about bled the original Resident Evil dry for remakes, but I’m surprised they haven’t revisited Nemesis as that “being hunted” gameplay could have some interesting new twists these days.

I still want my HD remake of Contra.

Just like the solider, our hopes were shattered.

That PS2 game was horrid, and with Shadow Complex out there setting the bar for graphics it should be pretty easy to overwhelm my senses with a bad ass spread gun power-up.


Oh snap.  Shadow Complex just made me think about some Metroid remakes.  the original Metroid and Super Metroid in HD would be killer, but again, not for the Wii, and you have to keep it side-scrolling.  I also completely support a Contra as well as agree that the PS2 game should not even be mentioned as being a Contra game.


I love that we exist in a world where we want Metroid remakes on a non-Nintendo console. Let’s make it happen, because I’m right there with ya, Coop.

So would you rather have these HD remakes than new franchises? I feel like we are about to see our favorites whored out to us in shiny new clothes, and I want them to be a lot more selective about it.


I will not support the whoring out of my childhood memories! I definitely want to see new franchises, especially ones with solid co-op support. Some things are just better with 2 people like…. games! HD remakes are cool, but I think they just have their place in the live arcade and will only be successful in small moderation. Really once you go through and play it a while you just miss the old nes d-pad or start questioning that it doesn’t have the same feel as you remember so you stop playing. Also, developers can’t really charge $60 for one and try to pull it off as a full title so I can’t really see that being too profitable for them either. The best they could do is something like they did with the God of War Collection that had 1 & 2 in 720p for $30-$40.


I agree with Justin. Companies need to be way more selective with the remakes than it looks like they are. I’m not saying it’s a bad game or group of games (I’ve never played any of them) but does the world really need The Sly Cooper Collection? And I would much rather have new franchises good or bad. At least then companies are taking risks and not just milking products until the gaming community lashes out against them.


I’m one who actually likes to see HD remakes (when they’re done well). When I think HD remake, the best game that represents that category is New Super Mario Brothers. NSMB was an awesome game, completely worthy of existing in the Mario universe. That said, NSMB was not just one of those ‘improve the graphics and goo’ kind of games. They rewrote everything from the ground up and playtested the bejesus out of it to make sure it expanded upon the original experience. That’s how I see HD remakes working, they have the unique opportunity to avoid the arduous process of reinventing IP or gameplay concepts, and have the ability to spend more time on polish and gameplay. Unfortunately a lot of developers doing HD remakes go the lazy route just so they can pull in some extra cash from the IP until the next major release. NBA Jam and Sonic 4 seem like they are on the right track at this point. I’m excited to see how GoldenEye pans out (Proximity Mines FTW!), but I have a feeling that Rare might be challenged with an impossible task.

Looking good so far. But it's not all about looks.


I agree remaking GoldenEye is an impossible task.  I’m trying to picture how they could do it and make it different from the other 007 games that have come out and sucked since then.  I honestly really only think evreyone loved that game so much because there weren’t many fps games of its nature at the time on a console of its caliber. Unless they have a genius move up their sleeves I’m afraid it’ll just seem like another secret agent shooter game. The only way i feel like that one could work is if they kept everything exactly the same just improved graphics and controls so that you can have that nostalgia moment as you remember playing through the levels you once loved.


Oh I wish it was that simple. We’d all be in a better place if companies approached HD Remakes like they did in New Super Mario Bros Wii and NBA Jam. I think those both hit the point that they are new games rather than remakes though. It’s the Sly Cooper, Prince of Persia, and Beyond Good & Evil remakes that worry me even as a big fan of the originals. But I’d take any of them over the identity crisis that GoldenEye has evolved into. Go away, Activision.


There are a lot of games we’d like to see be remade with HD graphics and others we’d love to see remain in the past. To clarify once again, if it comes out on the Wii it’s not HD. That could be a slogan for a company slogging remakes on Nintendo’s console. A lot of the games we want to see are Nintendo properties and many of us would love to have them on our Xbox 360’s or PS3’s. Imagine that, plus there would now be achievements! If only it was up to us which games got updated, the video game world would be a much more harmonious place.


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  1. moses5885

    A complete remake of legacy of kain would be awesome. And i mean the one that was on playstation where you suck peoples blood to stay alive.

  2. JDevL

    As long as they don’t remake the Blood Omen sequels I’m ok with that. The original was amazing, but really limited by the PS1.

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