Minecraft and the Great Gaming Divide

In a recent gamesindustry.biz mailing list showing the top stories of the day I noticed that the top story was one about how its nearly impossible to make money on big budget games for a lot of developers. In the same list, the second-to-top story talks about Minecraft, a game developed on $0 budget by one person, and its $3.8 Million gain so far. Not to mention Zynga, who tosses out games like they’re candy at Halloween and makes a billion dollars.


Minecraft: A $3 Million Cubescape

We can see that there is a pretty large gap between barely breaking even on a $200 Million budget AAA game and a no budget, nobody game. My question to you all is, knowing that the gap exists and there is opportunity to take advantage of it, how do you think that will effect the current state of the game industry. Will we start seeing a huge flood of low budget games from AAA developers, or will Indy developers be the ones to close that gap with a new genre of games? Or, does that gap filler already exist, but just isn’t profitable or remarkable enough to get anyone’s attention?


“It’s almost impossible to make money even on a good game”
Minecraft dev to found own studio after $3.8m success