The Horrible Show: State of the Night 2010

The Horrible ShowWelcome to, your hosts Justin and Cole walk you through everything about the site and how you can get involved. Hear how the we started, how we approach creating unique content, and where we’d like the site to go in the future. Send in your questions to or @TheHorribleShow

It’s overdue, but with life getting in the way of our regularly scheduled show with our full cast of characters, Cole and Justin take the opportunity to explain just what is for newcomers today, yesterday, and on the final day of the site’s existence. We go back to how it all started and breakdown the mission of the site of which gamers we are trying to reach. It’s important to differentiate ourselves from our peers and other gaming sites out there and that starts with our approach to news, reviews, previews, editorials, and weekly content. Horrible Night isn’t possible without The Cursed staff or our readers and listeners. Listen in as we describe how you can get involved, get mentioned on the site, or even become a full fledged member of The Cursed. We hope you find something to connect with on

Show Notes

JDevL, Colefacekilla

Intro – (00:46 – 1:24)
Who We Are – (1:25 – 5:06)
The Mission – (5:07 – 9:37)
News – (9:38 – 11:17)
Culture – (11:18 – 12:19)
Reviews and Previews – (12:20 – 14:44)
Weekly Content – (14:45 – 19:55)
The Horrible Show Podcast – (19:56 – 22:37)
Original Content – (22:41 – 28:23)
The Cursed – (28:26 – 29:44)
Getting Involved – (29:45 – 33:50)
Parting Words – (33:51 – 37:58)

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