Gilbert and Schafer Together Again at Double Fine

One of the greatest developer tag teams has reunited at Double Fine Studios.

Ron Gilbert

Ron Gilbert, most recently known for the downloadable title DeathSpank, has joined Double Fine. The owner of that studio is a former co-worker of Gilbert at LucasArts, Tim Schafer. These two collaborated on a few things gamers might have heard of before: The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge.

After the disappointing release of Brutal Legend, Double Fine has committed itself to making smaller downloadable games which Gilbert has experience doing with the aforementioned DeathSpank. According to an interview done by Kotaku, Gilbert even developed Deathspank from the offices of Double Fine. After leaving LucasArts, they remained in touch and are still close friends so it only seemed natural to them, for Gilbert to join in on the fun that Double Fine will be bringing to the masses.

Instead of developing one major title and using all the resources it has, Double Fine will be working on four smaller titles at once, and one of those will be Gilbert’s new game. No details have been announced concerning the new project. Gamers around the world have to be excited about this turn of events.  Who knows what these two creatively hilarious gentlemen will come up with in the future.


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