BioShock Infinite Gameplay Accelerates Need For Time Travel

Is it 2012 yet? Because I’m ready to play BioShock: Infinite. The last time I my jaw dropped and chills ran down my thumbs like this was the first time I saw a BioShock 1 gameplay trailer. I have to admit, I was skeptical that underneath the setting and new tricks that this game would feel like something I’ve played before. It’s a tricky expectation because it can’t feel too much like something I’ve already done, but it still needs to feel like BioShock. From what we can see in this trailer though, I have no fears about Infinite at all. Columbia is bursting with an entirely different personality and creepiness factor that seems like a 90 degree turn from Rapture. Yet it all feels like BioShock. Amazing.

BioShock Infinite

Thanks for the help, Elizabeth

What I’m most excited about is the potential for combined destruction with your partner, Elizabeth. Which from Irrational Games Ten Things You Should Know About BioShock Infinite looks to be a key feature of the game. As long as she doesn’t get in the way too much, it will make for some interesting means of conquering these crazy looking and huge enemies. And did you see that rollercoaster-like hand rail connecting the floating islands?! Wow. Besides the action, the whole tone of xenophobia throughout Columbia is intriguing, and I like the fact that it appears to have some sort of supernatural/non-human origin based on the glowing eyes of the maniacal orator that our character runs across. Speaking of our character, he speaks! I expected a silent protaganist, but am interested to see how Irrational makes us connect with him.

The video is currently available on Xbox Live Marketplace.


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  1. streetalchemist

    I have to say, that trailer shows some amazing thing are in store for us! But I TOTALLY want to be able to drink a tonic labeled “Murder” and be able to control crows in a way even cooler than the way the chick from Bullet Witch could, and that was pretty badass!

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