Games of Our Wives: Monster Dash

The games of the App Store continue to copy and one-up each other more and more, which makes it hard to sort through the rip-off clones vs the great games that improve on tried and true gameplay. I wrote off Monster Dash at first as just a Canabalt clone, which happens to be one of my sentimental favorites. My girlfriend was not deterred one bit, and when she got hooked on a game where she’s endlessly killing monsters I knew there had to be something to the fun factor of this game. Here’s her explanation:

Monster Dash

What did you think of Monster Dash when you first saw it?
I actually had Monster Dash on my iPod for a while before I even opened the app. My niece talked me into getting it and I had absolutely no intention of playing it. I wasn’t interested in playing, I’m more of an Angry Birds girl. One boring night, I started playing and thought it was just like my other “run til’ you die” game, except you have to kill zombies on the way. I’m more into stomping on them than shooting them. Unless I pick up a Silencer.

How long did it take you to like Monster Dash enough to keep playing it? First time? A week? A month?
It’s only been about a week or so since I actually got hooked, but about three levels into the game, I realized my stubbornness was going to get me hooked.

What makes you go back to Monster Dash?
I have to get a higher score than one of the first games I played where I scored 6590. I’ve barely gotten past the 6000 level since – it was a fluke!

Monster Dash

What is your favorite weapon and why?
The Badass Hog. First, because of the name. I mean, need I say more? Also, because you seem to kill 20-25 monsters with it and it’s sort of a ‘safety’ as you literally can’t lose any lives by running into the spikes or monsters.

Do you like the killing or the jumping better?
It’s a toss-up. It’s easy to run and jump on platforms but once you get past 4-5000, you’re going so fast that it’s easy to miss a platform or hit a wall, then there are monsters to kill and obstacles to avoid, like the spikes. Really, I just like shooting s***.

How would you describe Monster Dash to a friend in order to get them to play it?
I really don’t have any more time for your questions, I have a date with a vampire and a machinegun jetpack.

She likes to kill

I regret writing off Monster Dash. Mostly because Halfbrick has another high quality, stylish, and addictive mobile game on their hands that is not a rip off of the other games in the genre. But more so because my girlfriend has a head start on me and I can’t catch up to her ridiculous high score. I also can’t put the game down any time I start up a session, and you can’t argue with that measurement of quality. It’s also disturbing to a game morph my girlfriend into a killing machine. A dream come true.

Games of Our Wives – From time to time, our significant others pick up a game that we may or may not fully understand. We ask them about it to find out more, so we can try and trick them into playing another one.


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