Contest: The Horrible Show vs Halo (Updated)

The Horrible Show vs Halo

This contest is now closed. Christina won the voting. However, there was no prize winner as all votes were from the staff of Horrible Night. Thanks for listening!

On our Sept 15 episode of The Horrible Show, Justin and Christina went head-to-head with their opinions on everything Halo. The problem is that they are so stubborn by this point that it is impossible for us to declare a winner. We want your help, and we also want to giveaway a 3-month Xbox Live Gold Subscription in the process.Here’s what you need to do.

Enter The Horrible Show vs Halo Contest

  1. Listen to the Your Opinion is Wrong: Halo episode of The Horrible Show
  2. Leave a comment on this page declaring who you felt won the debate – Justin, Christina, or Ethan by 11:59pm (EST) on Sunday, Sept 26
  3. Share the contest with you friends on Twitter and Facebook to make sure your team wins.
  4. You can use this text to share the contest: “I voted in The Horrible Show vs Halo contest – – to win a 3-month Xbox Live Gold Subscription”

Declaring a Winner

  1. After the deadline, we will see which person had the most votes, and a contest winner will be chosen at random from that debate winner’s voters.
  2. This contest is only open to participants in the United States and Canada.
  3. The winner will receive a 3-month Xbox Live Gold Subscription Card or a valid code for the subscription.

Good luck to everyone and we hope you enjoy the debate.

7 Comments Contest: The Horrible Show vs Halo (Updated)

  1. Moses5885

    I dont really see a true winner i guess. There were valid points and if i want to side with anyone it would have to be Christina. First two halos are awesome and the other ones are decent enough to not completely hate. Overall Halo is one of the best games of all time for various tyoes of gamers and should be put in the hall of fame of video games right next to zelda or something. Not quite mario because everyone in their brother knows who mario is.

    PS- i have a PS3.

  2. Wizardtrain187

    I feel like I won by a long shot. My indifference to the subject matter couldn’t have been relayed in a more apprent way. Also, I’m fairly certain I’d win an Indian Leg Wrestling Match against Christina or Justin.

  3. coopopolopolis

    My opinion is somewhat biased because I haven’t played through the campaign for every Halo, but I will say in the time that I have I can’t even tell you what its about. So for that reason I declare Justin the winner based on the fact that he acknowledged that there isn’t much to hook you in there. Everyone knows multi-player is where its at on that game. A lot of good valid points on both sides though, and I’m glad that the story made enough of an impact on Christina that she joined us in the wonderful world of FPS gaming. She’s fun to shoot at.

  4. robeque

    My vote goes to CHRISTINA because she saved me from countless Covenant Elites on Legendary the other night… and that’s all that matters.

  5. streetalchemist

    I’m gonna have to go with Christina as the winner on this one only because I think she’s more into Halo than almost anyone I’ve ever met, and I’m with her on the loving the storyline and it’s epicness!

  6. JDevL

    I’m not above voting for myself. I still contend that the only way you know that the story of Halo is epic is if you go out of game to do your research. Other games tell their epic stories better in game, and that remains the one glaring flaw of the Halo series, at least until the more focused stories of ODST and Reach.

  7. Pixelmixer

    I’ve never really been a fan of the Halo Campaign to be honest. The only time I really spent playing it was when I couldn’t afford Xbox live and wasn’t able to get a LAN party together. Even then, I only played through it all the way maybe once.

    That said, I always understood the epic story of Halo and it definitely felt that way to me while playing through the stories. These days, I can’t help but compare a good campaign experience to the Modern Warfare series. Ever since Modern Warfare, I’ve been hard-pressed to really enjoy and feel drawn in to any single-player experience – aside from Modern Warfare 2 of course.

    So to cast my vote, I’ll have to vote for Justin on this one.

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