Game Curious Invisible, Inc – Not Impossible

Someone needs to spy on Klei Entertainment because I think they may have conquered another genre. Invisible, Inc. is intuitive, sneaky, and stylish. I got so caught up in the missions unfolding before me that I forgot I had time to think through my moves. The last thing I expect from a strategy title is for it to feel so fast and fluid that I make mistakes like I am playing an action game. Of course Klei thought of that, too, and threw in a rewind button for terrible spies like me.

Invisible, Inc. was released on May 12, 2015 and is available on PC, Mac, and Linux. Coming soon to PS4.

Game Curious – Don’t get ahead of yourself, game, this is just a date. It could be something special or we might have to go our separate ways. That being said, you are quite attractive.