Played Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain – How It All Starts (Again)

I had successfully stayed away from Hearthstone for months. No more late nights of trying to rise up in the ranks. No more dreams of card combos dancing through my head. “I’m finally clean,” I thought, “I’ve broken the chains of addiction.”

And then I saw that a new expansion, Blackrock Mountain, had been released.

I was back at the (virtual) table within minutes.

Blackrock Mountain

Hot card action

Crippling addictions aside, it feels pretty nice to be back. The main draw is the Solo Adventure Mode, which is much like their first expansion, Curse of Naxxramas. You’ll are pitted against AI opponents who have stacked decks, a mish-mosh of different class cards; this may seem unfair, but it ends up creating an interesting puzzle game element. How do you beat an opponent that causes you to draw three cards a turn, leaving you likely to lose cards due to the hand limit? How do you beat an opponent that can summon free Minions that will explode after four turns? The puzzle element of each opponent will mean you’ll have to craft specially made decks or run unique strategies. This is something I really enjoyed; crafting the perfect deck and executing a sound strategy was extremely satisfying, especially since the difficulty level is ramped up over Naxxramas

Hearthstone, after taking such a long break, also feels refreshing. The meta of the game has changed here and there, and it’s nice to jump into games and not see the same decks over and over. This will inevitably fade the more and more and I play, but for right now, it’s been a nice change.

It’s also nice to be the lowest rank and then crush all of the newer players with my decks.

(Yes, I realize I’m part of the problem.)


Evil with minty fresh breath

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