Hey! Remember! Jack In with Limp Bizkit on SegaNet

Seganet Limp Bizkit

What did you do this for, Fred?

We came across this pretty amazing SegaNet ad the other day. If you’ll remember in 2000 one of the more progressive features of Sega’s Dreamcast was that it supported online gaming. When you are done beating up on your friends locally and online, who else would you want to play against? Celebrities? Ok, I guess.

Well guess who was a popular music about that time? Yep, the Dreamcast was released at the height of Limp Bizkit’s popularity. That still doesn’t tempt you to team them up? Well here’s a pretty amazing quote that SegaBits dug up from Sega itself on collaborating with Limp Bizkit and sponsoring its tour:

Limp Bizkit fans are parallel with our core audience of online gamers,” she said. “The tour is a key component in our crusade to ensure SegaNet is everywhere our target customer is.” – SEGA’s then-VP of Marketing, Julia Miller

I recommend reading SegaBits full article if you want more details on this surreal partnership.

I’m not saying anything definitive here, but were either Limp Bizkit or Sega the same after they teamed up in 2000? 

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