Arcade Challenge Report – Jungler

A bunch of snakes got stuck in a Pac-Man maze and started shooting at each other’s butts. Jungler was released by Konami in 1981.


“The player controls a snake-like ship moving around a number of mazes chasing three similar computer controlled ships. Being hit by bullets reduces the length of the ships. Ships are destroyed either when their length is reduced to zero or when they collide with a longer ship.” –

Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Released: 1981
Platforms: Arcade, PC, Arcadia 2001

What’s really going on here?

Oh, wait those are ships? Suddenly the speed of my skin crawling slowed down a bit. There’s a decent demo at the beginning to explain how the points work, but I could never quite get a sense of whether it was better to shoot my enemies or “eat” them. I did like how the length of the ships changed how fast they could move.


There is a lot to pay attention to in Jungler. Just when you think you are hunting all of a sudden you are being chased. The shooting mixes in nicely with the constant maneuvering you are having to do around the maze. However, the enemies and the levels never change much and its repetitiveness wore out most of our players. However, the winner has the bonus of being able to enter their entire name (12 characters) instead of just their initials. Bragging rights are always appreciated.

The players have spoken

– It’s really repetitive so you either find the zone or you don’t. I liked that it felt like Snake though, but with shooting.

– I liked the game. It was like Centipede and Pac-Man mixed together. I was going to say Snake, but that was only partially true. It was easy to get cornered if you weren’t paying attention to the others.

– It got boring

– I won because people didn’t like it.

– I’ve always been good at being aware of where multiple enemies are on a map and strategizing to chase them rather than be chased. Old Counter-Strike tactic. ALL GAMES ARE COUNTER-STRIKE

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Challenge Results
Winner = 55,000
2nd Place = 40,260
3rd Place = 35,800

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