Hey! Buy! BioShock Infinite Vigor Bottles and Pins

Bucking Bronco Vigor

Shots on me.

There will always be a lot to love about the art direction of BioShock Infinite. One of the smartest design choices was to give each vigor a distinct personality. It made each one memorable and immediately gave the player a sense of what each vigor could do.

It’s no surprise that the vigors turned out to be one of the many iconic features of BioShock Infinite. As we posted about before, 2K and Irrational Games even embraced them enough to start offering vigor bottles as official merchandise. What I hadn’t noticed was the packaging design by Zoe Brooks who used to work at Irrational Games. Also, it doesn’t stop at the bottles because you can find other vigor collectibles like these pins from resellers that are out of stock on the main site currently.

BioShock Infinite Vigor Pins

Not that this is a problem with a game as authentic as BioShock Infinite, but too much merch or collectibles can water down a game franchise. It used to be so hard to get anything worthwhile or official from my favorite games when I was growing up that I’ll gladly take the alternative. I actually grabbed one of the Songbird plushies around the game’s original release so when I was digging up info on the vigor collectibles I had forgotten how varied the official offerings had become.

What favorite game of yours would you like to see more collectibles for or is this too much?

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