Hey! Listen! Octodad on Vinyl

The nice dessert that comes along with the influx of quality indie game releases is that we are seeing more and more soundtracks released alongside of those games. I personally love video game music. I love it even more so when the music raises above any of my game experiences. I can’t pretend to be enough of a music aficionado to care about what format these soundtracks are released on. I just care that the soundtracks are easily available more so than if they are released on vinyl. However, this 7″ Octodad: Dadliest Catch record is adorable. I appreciate adorable and I also appreciate when the format of a soundtrack ties back to its game’s roots.

Octodad Vinyl

Normal music for a normal dad.

Drew Wise designed “this totally normal album” that “will convince anyone of your normal human musical tastes!” It includes 2 tracks, Octodad (Nobody Suspects A Thing) by Ian McKinney and Scarlet’s Theme by Seth Parker.

Octodad isn’t the first video game soundtrack on vinyl this year. Hotline Miami 2 also had a pretty sweet (and extensive) package. The first one to get my attention, though, was that bright green Retro City Rampage vinyl. I like where all of this is going.

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