Hey! Play! Take a Selfie in Doom



Hope your selfie stick is hellproof.

What’s one way to update a 20+ year-old game that really captures the essence of the 2010’s? If you thought Doomguy was missing a selfie stick, then what the hell is wrong with you? Also, I’d like to thank the creators of the InstaDoom mod for making that a reality because I immediately want to go do some dumb Doom things all over again.

InstaDoom adds the ability for you to take selfies in Doom and of course it also gives you the option of applying any of 37 Instagram filters to truly capture your special moments.

I’ve only recently realized how active the Doom mod scene still is after I played a bit of Brutal Doom. A mod that adds more violence and speed to Doom is one thing, but think of how dedicated its fans have to be for something like InstaDoom to exist. Doom will never die, but you probably will if you don’t get out of the way of that cyberdemon behind you.

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