Hey! Buy! Full Scale Replica of Miss Moxxi’s Bad Touch from Borderlands 2

Mad Moxxi is my favorite character from the Borderlands universe, you can speculate why, but she’s just damn entertaining. Naturally, I tipped her quite well in Borderlands 2. She eventually returned the favor by giving me my favorite weapon in the game Miss Moxxi’s Bad Touch.

Some of the crazy folks at TriForce and Think Geek must have liked this weapon, too, because they are selling 500 full scale replicas of the weapon.

Miss Moxxi's Bad Touch

Looks pretty right to me.


Moxxi would be proud of the attention to detail, but I may need to loot some psychos before I have enough credits for this beast.

If you want in, keep an eye on the Think Geek product page. Only 500 people will get the Bad Touch and after that the rest of you will have to go about getting some the old fashioned way.

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