Livestream Event – Evolve HoNight Game Night 2/12 930pm EST – Monster Don’t Care

Evolve HoNight Game Night

Alright. This has gone on long enough. HoNight Game Night wants to come out to play and with it Horrible Night starts livestreaming on a weekly basis again.

Before we get there though, let’s start with this week. Coop and I will be live this Thursday (2/12) at 930pm EDT on We will be playing Evolve for the first time. If you are playing on PC there should be room to join in with us hunters and we may welcome a monster as well.

Come and hang out/make fun of us/chat with our community/maybe get invited to play along after Coop and I scare off other strangers. Can’t make it? We’ll eventually get around to posting some highlights on YouTube or you can catch the archive on Twitch.

Look for more HoNight Game Nights a couple of times a month on Thursday nights as Justin, Coop and other unfortunate gaming friends pick random multiplayer games to experiment with in front of a live audience. Even if the game isn’t fun, I’m sure we can play with each other in fun ways. Is that what I meant?