Hey! Play! Star Wars: Battle Pod in Arcades

Who hasn’t been down to their local arcade and played the new Star Wars game? Sorry I just wanted to see what that statement looked like outside of the late 1980s. It’s ok though, we all have the clear to be excited for Star Wars again. That looks like Disney/Lucasfilm are extending that pass to video games now, and surprisingly arcades.

Star Wars: Battle Pod looks amazing. Bandai Namco’s dome screen is just about the most immersive display of Star Wars-ness I’ve ever seen.


I don’t even care how you feel about nostalgic battles from the original trilogy. Sure, they have been done, but I kinda feel like video games gave up on recreating them just as the technology matured enough to make them the stuff of our childhood dreams. (Pod) Racer was good, but seriously the prequels really forceblocked us all.

The key scenes are all here. You’ll be on Hoth, you’ll blow up a Death Star, you’ve got a speeder bike, but I think I’m partial to taking revenge for that Death Star on Han Solo as Darth Vader. Then again, maybe I’m just more empire than I realize because obviously the rebels couldn’t make a game look this good.

Enough of my Star Wars politics. Go find Star Wars: Battle Pod in your local arcade. It may actually give you an excuse to find your local arcade.

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