The 2014 Grimmys Games of the Year Coverage

Greetings and welcome back. We hope your holidays were as full of games and relaxation as ours. But it’s time to get serious. Too serious. So serious that borders on absurdity to the point that you no longer really take it seriously. Then after a laugh, you stop abruptly and say, “No, I’m serious.” No one reacts, things get awkward, but finally the entire room realizes we’re just talking about yearly awards for video games. Some people are excited. Most are confused but their indifference means they don’t hate the idea either.

Games of the Year. It’s a good time. Seriously.

The 2014 Grimmys

The Grimmys will be returning this month. Our initial deliberations for games of the year have begun behind the scenes. The rest of this month, expect your regular Horrible Night content to continue with more game coverage and podcasts. Before you know it, we will be bringing out our battle to the public.

The 2014 Grimmys schedule:

  • Starting Jan 20th – our individual Games of the Year lists from the Horrible Night staff and friends will go live on the site.
  • Saturday Jan 24th at Noon EST* – The Grimmys 2014 Live Show on – 6 hours live with the Horrible Night staff as we publicly bargain, fight, lie, and give up on any moral standing to select the winners of our all of our awards.
  • Starting Jan 26th – Daily award recaps and podcasts for those that can’t make it to our live show building up to the reveal of overall Game of the Year on Friday, Jan 30th.

* Timing is subject to change because winter weather is awesome. We will update this closer to the live date to confirm.

Tell your favorite video games to hold onto their butts. 2014 isn’t over until The Grimmys have their say.

The Grimmys of the past:

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