Played Game of Thrones Episode One – This Will End Well

Game of Throne Episode 1

You look concerned.

I’m a late fan of the Telltale game series. It wasn’t until after the first season of The Walking Dead was complete that I discovered its awesomeness. I completely missed the announcement that they were working on Game of Thrones, but after seeing the first trailer (below) I couldn’t have been more excited. As soon as my kids went to bed last night I started up Game of Throne Episode One: Iron from Ice.

The story is great. Everything about it felt like Game of Thrones all the way up to the massive cliffhanger ending. I am extremely impressed with how the storylines of the books/HBO series intertwined with this new story. The game’s story happens alongside the one from the main series without conflict. The decision to secure the same actors and model the characters as the ones we’re familiar in the HBO series was a smart move, and added to the production value of the game. I even found myself trying to be more strategic with the decisions I was making throughout the game based off of information that I know about the world and characters.

The one main flaw I found in the game is in the huge assumption that you already know what’s going on in the HBO Game of Thrones universe. You are basically thrown in the middle of a war that’s going on without really filling in any back story as to how you got to this point. If you’ve watched the show, this game starts at the end of season 3 with the Red Wedding. It even has a shot of the Frey’s castle with a “Red Wedding” subtitle like the player knows what that means. Don’t get me wrong, you can probably still play this game without knowing the extra details, but those details definitely enhance the experience.

With a few months to go before HBO airs the next season of Game of Thrones, this game helps shorten that gap. As I was playing it felt like I was just watching another episode of the show which I think is exactly what they were going for. Telltale is definitely in their element and continues to raise the bar with video game storytelling.

Game of Thrones launches this week for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PS3, iOS devices, and PC platforms